Atheists recruit the Little Ones (Redemption Feast Blog)

By: Jana Greene

Good morning, world. Today, I am sharing my Redemption Feast piece that ran in yesterday’s Wilmingotn FAVS site.  God really did a doozy on me with this one – setting it upon my mind so strongly that I couldn’t start cooking Thanksgiving dinner until I wrote the dern thing! Sometimes He is super gentle in leading me what to write, but other times? The two-by-four approach works best 😉

It explores the trend that atheists are setting up campaigns to convince children that God is an “imaginary friend” that they should outgrow.

I hope you enjoy the article and I welcome your thoughts in the comment box. Thank you – as always – for your readership, and God bless you and your family as Christmas approaches.

Here is the link for the article below:


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