4 thoughts on “Treading on Christmas

  1. I have found you, never to go looking again. Here within the depths of my soul, and yet, not so very deep. You are here. You are there. You are all in all. We are together, everywhere. There is nowhere I am and you are not. Every face I look at, there you are shining through. In the dried autumn leaves falling to the ground, as I crumble one in my hand, there you are. As I take in a deep breath of fresh air, I feel you fill my lungs. There is no place you are not. You have been here, everywhere, the whole time, waiting so patiently for me to notice. Then one day, I just knew, I just knew. You envelop me. You are everywhere and everything. We are one.


  2. What a beautiful, beautiful entry. You never cease to amaze me! It is so thought-provoking and right on point! Merry Christmas to you.


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