“Practical to Tactical – Lessons Learned from a 12 Step Life” is now available on Amazon!


Hi, friends!

My new book(let) is now available for purchase by clicking the link below, or by visiting Amazon – where it is available in print edition for $7 and on Kindle for $2.99.

Just search “Jana Greene” in the Amazon search bar and it will pull up all editions.
You don’t have to be an alcoholic or addict to benefit from the 12 Steps. They are good for whatever ails you. I am currently struggling with food issues and kind of revisiting them to help me with that. Lets be honest, we ALL struggle with stuff.
Recovery is like peeling an onion…one layer gets exposed and there is something else to deal with. But it’s all good, because God helps us along EVERY step of the way


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12 Step booklet to be released in November


Hello, readers!

I’m working on releasing a collection of essays exploring how the 12 Steps have played out in my own life and how to apply them to life in a practical manner.

It will be a very informal booklet – easy to read one bite at a time – and includes the biblical comparison for each step, a study verse for each, and a simple prayer at the conclusion of each essay. Just something simple to bless you on your own recovery journey…whether you are recovering from alcohol or substance abuse, co-dependency, or any other hurt, habit or hang-up (I think that’s just about ALL of us!)

“Practical to Tactical – Lessons from a 12 Step Life” will release on Amazon and for Kindle in November.

I will post more details when it is published.

A thousand thank-yous to each of you for your readership.

God bless us, every one.