He is Risen – Poetic Celebration of Easter

The Passion of the Christ

By: Jana Greene


The world was in the blackest place

when Messiah breathed His last,

Compassion settled on his face

As precious spirit passed.

He who was to save the world

Hung upon a tree,

Giving pause and crushing blow

To all humanity.

On that day he’d be entombed,

Guards assigned to guard the cave.

And with a stone to seal the room,

There seemed no hope to save.

But then…

But then!

In three days time,

Mary came to tend the shell –

The body of her dearest friend –

Who’d delivered her spirit from darkest Hell.

She came upon an empty tomb

And falling down on bended knee,

Hears a voice beside her say

“Woman, why do you weep?”

He called her then by her name

(Just as he calls us yet still)

And she rest her eyes on living Christ

As prophesy fulfilled.

He is Risen! He’s alive!

All He’d said came true.

He’s living still today in me,

And (if you accept) in YOU.

And where does this leave sin to rest?

Oh Death, where is your sting?

As far as East is from the West!

No condemnation does it bring.

He is Risen! Now rejoice!

Rabbi,  Teacher, Messiah, Friend

Follow the sound of His loving voice –

Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End.

Cast off the linens binding you,

The shroud limiting your spirit’s view,

Ask God to roll your stone away –

And rejoice this blessed Easter Day!