Going “Off the Grid” for awhile, Dear Readers

Good evening, dear readers. My husband and I will be going “off the grid” for several days to spend uninterruped  time together. We are leaving behind all of the technology that we “depend on” daily and will practice depending on one another instead! As a result, The Beggar’s Bakery will not showcase any new works until my return the week of October 23rd. Check back then for new pieces. Prayers for traveling mercies much appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Going “Off the Grid” for awhile, Dear Readers

  1. I have appreciated your honesty and your courage as you bring us along on the journey of your life. For this reason I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring blogger award.


  2. I hope you found my followup comment, I forgot to put it up. Check out my post deeply honoured, and follow the steps….post the award, answer the questions and nominate others. Peace…


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