Permission to Land


By: Jana Greene

I’ve been looking back on my very brief career in the airline industry recently,  not out of melancholy or nostalgia, but because so many of the terms I learned while training seem to relate to my current spiritual life.

You see, I’ve been in a bit of a funk, waiting upon the Lord to reveal his plans – and himself – to me.

“I’m ready, Lord,” I tell him, impatient that his timing so out of whack with mine.

But instead of instructing me on where to let the wheels down and make a descent, I am getting: “Circle back around, be patient.”

Life in a holding pattern, it seems, is not my forte.

And so I wait, trying to trust that the Pilot knows what He is doing. He has all the credentials, certified and able to direct the course of my life. This is not his first flight.  He knows his way around – the lay of the land, the circumstances of my life – since he is the mastermind of both.

He knows exactly where I’m going, and I don’t have a clue.  Not having an idea of my destination only adds to my frustration.

 “Thank you for flying blind with God today,” pre-flight announcements would say. If there were any. ” on your way to God-only-knows-where, for the purpose of God-only-knows-what.”

And that’s not where the air travel metaphor ends..

Right now, God is on the precipice of taking my life somewhere wonderful, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

So many challenges have presented lately,  I feel like a Frequent Flyer who has earned the status as a hostage  – having experienced too may changes in a short period of time.

And most recently, I’m just  justthisclose  to a full-on Tarmac Tantrum, because there has been an inordinate amount of time just sitting in the plane without even getting off the ground. Confined, and feeling slighted, the whole situation out of my control.

I’m afraid of new journeys, and resent  the Comfort Compromise – even though the safety constraints are there for my  well-being, I’m tired of being all buckled-in.

But when we are soaring, God at the controls – and I take enough time to look out the window instead of trying to figure everything out,  the views are incredible.

“We are, once again, in a holding pattern,” I hear God’s voice crackle across the intercom.

“But you can still enjoy the view!”

Down through the clouds, I see the people milling around, as they become tiny ants on the ground. I stop to consider that my Pilot knows  every thought in the heads of each “tiny ant” –  and ever hair on each of their heads, so precious are them to Him.

I can’t help but admire his creation as we fly over,  knowing that the majesty of mountains and vastness of the sea  that confirms God’s handiwork is also manifest in the smallest cells and molecules .

He is in all. He IS all.

Why do I so often Miss that?

And as to directly answer my question, I hear:

“The Free Will sign is always illuminated,” my flight attendant – an angel – advises. “so feel free to move about your life.’

Ah, yes. The Free Will, so generously given us by God. That’s how I so often miss the things God shows me…my free will is busy focused on  other, more trivial pursuits.

As the Captain indicated that we will be descending shortly, he reminds us not to fear. “you may hear changes in the engine, or feel a little turbulence,  I’ve got this. I’ve got you.”

I’ve been flying in a holding pattern so long, I scarcely know what to do when Permission to Land has been directed. What shall I take with me into this new place where God has brought me?
The armor of God, of course. It’s really heavy, but absolutely essential.

His word, of course. It is how I will navigate my new surroundings.

Good friends, who have been through thick and thin, and love Christ with all of their hearts.

And faith. Never leave home without it!

And as I depart the plane, which has kept me hostage in a holding pattern for so long, God stops all of the important things he is doing to thank me for flying with him. Thank you for Trusting Him.

Stepping onto the concourse, the whole atmosphere changes, It is loud and bustling, full of people and full of opportunity. It is almost always a vastly different place than I thought I would end up.

But I know that my Pilot accompanies me on my missions every day of my life, even – especially – on a new, bumpy journeys.

It’s going to be wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Permission to Land

  1. don’t like life in the holding pattern myself,and as for those tarmac tantrums have perfected them. May God cause us both to soar to a safe and secure landing in a location of his choosing. Peace and Blessings in this Christmas Season.


  2. As a general rule, I like to KNOW where I’m going. I like to KNOW what will happen ‘next’ …alas, it is not ours to know. I suppose thats where the TRUSTING Him comes in. Peace and blessings to you, too, sweet Ena.


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