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Testimony, Territory and TV Crews


By: Jana Greene

Hello, Dear Readers. I hope this post finds you staying nice and warm, safe and happy.

Remember when The Prayer of Jabez was such a big deal? It was a huge movement, based on Bruce Wilkinson’s book “The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life.” The premise was based on this scripture and encouraged readers to ask God to increase their territories in order to influence the world for God.

“Jabez prayed to the God of Israel, “Please bless me and give me more territory. May your power be with me and free me from evil so that I will not be in pain.” God gave him what he prayed for.” 1 Chronicles 4:10 (God’s WORD Translation)

I have been asking God to increase my territories. I don’t know why I’m even surprised that he is indeed doing so.

Next week, something pretty exciting is happening and I’d love to share it with you. I will be having my testimony filmed by a television crew for a Christian show that is widely watched. It is an incredible honor, and to be honest – pretty surreal that its really happening.

I’m just amazed, ya’ll. Because 15 years ago I was utterly hopeless where Christ found me. I didn’t expect to live – or to even want to live – sober. Nobody (and I mean nobody) knew how much I was drinking and hiding. It was the loneliest place in the world to be. I guess that’s why I’m so open and transparent about my alcoholism and recovery. I’m not alone anymore, and I live a life I love. And every day, that is a sheer gift. One that I am not willing to keep to myself.

It’s pretty easy to hide behind a keyboard to write and blog, but another thing altogether to share my story with such a large audience. I’m welcoming any and all prayers and warm fuzzies you’d like to send my way. For calm nerves. For boldness. For Holy Spirit to orchestrate my words so that they may reach exactly the ears that need to hear my story of HOPE.

I will update the post when I find out when the piece will air, etc.

Thank you again for your readership. I’m so blessed by it.

God bless us, every one.



2 thoughts on “Testimony, Territory and TV Crews

  1. I am praying that God would use your story to help others to know that recovery is possible. You have touched me in a special way.
    I loved what you had to say on your blog about mental illness. In church not too long ago a member of the congregation was beginning chemo and other members of the congregation came down front to pray over that person. I wondered if we would be as quick to pray for someone if they said they were beginning rehab for an addiction. Or if anyone would even want the church to know they were entering rehab. Just wondering…


  2. Thank you so much for such kind words! And yes, it baffles me that mental illness is such a church bugaboo. It is, chemically speaking, no different than any other illness. I know in my heart of hearts that Jesus was especially kind to those suffering mental illness. God bless you.


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