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The Beggar’s Bakery Turns 4!


I interrupt The Seismic Seven blog series to post a ginormous THANK YOU to each of you readers!

Four years ago today, I had an impulsive idea (are there any other KIND?) to start a blog. I wrested with the concept and the name, but in the end decided on The Beggar’s Bakery – a nod to the quote by D.L. Niles that “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

That’s the whole goal of this blog – to tell you where I found it. I’ve no idea how to tell you to butter it, or if it’s ‘gluten free.’ No pretenses – I just tell you where I partook and how it saved my life.

Many posts are recovery-oriented because you should write what you know. I’m still not sure I know how to do recovery “right,” but I’m happy to share my sincerest and often jacked-up musings on the subject.

From substance abuse recovery – which colors at least a little of everything in my life – to parenting young adults (those musings are especially jacked-up) and true cat appreciation….from marriage to my affinity for all-things-FOOD, this is the venue in which my life is an Open Book.

That anyone would take the time to read it still amazes me. I am extraordinarily ordinary. And HONORED beyond words that you would take the time to read this blog. So thank you for doing that. Keep coming back to the bakery ❤

Thank you, thank you, thank you – from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to many more years of blogosphere craziness!

In His Love,




9 thoughts on “The Beggar’s Bakery Turns 4!

  1. It is all good and there is a reason why we start blogging. I told my sister this week it is done because we have a way to share what ever it is that drives us. Your is so unique. Thanks for sharing what you have and please don’t stop.


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