The Truthspeaker’s Daughters

This one is for my Sisterfriends. Love you all.

Musings of a Gypsy Soul


By: Jana Greene

Hey, you.

Yeah, YOU.

The woman trying to fake happy, always busy being the nurturer.

You could use a little nurturing yourself.

Am I right?

And you – the one worrying late into the night for her adult children who seem to running from the God you made sure they were exposed to in church as youngsters.

You, the lady who feels like writing the bills requires her to channel Jesus Himself to pull a “loaves and fishes” miracle to have enough.

You, the one whose marriage has lost its luster.

Or suffering loneliness.

The woman who looks in the mirror and sees only wrinkles and fat and lost youth; the one who is saddened about the texture settling into her face as age sets in.

The one fed so many lies, by the media, societal expectations, and worse – ourselves.

What we need is a Truthspeaker…

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2 thoughts on “The Truthspeaker’s Daughters

  1. WOW, you must’ve been living in my heart and brain the last few months!! I’m trying HARD, I need to print out the truths you’ve listed and DO what you say, read them aloud, several times a day. Thank you SWEET sister in Christ! JB


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