I wrote this poem for my youngest daughter when she was going through a rough time, and I’m posting it with her permission.  (She has grown up to be all the good things that her mama predicted, by the way….she was all along – she just had to figure it out).

By:  Jana Greene


She sees herself in dimmest light,

All shadows that she doesn’t like

And awkward features

In her mind all,

Predicting every trip and fall.

She feels alone in mass of crowd

And tries to hide within her shroud

Of shortcomings,

All in her mind

Afraid of what the light may find.

She only knows that it’s not fair,

That “perfect girls” with flaxen hair

And flawless looks

And stellar grades

Really sometimes feel just the same.

She sees herself as in the dark

Inadequacies in contrast stark

To the proud and bright and secure around.

So, feeling small… she makes no sound.

If only she could stand outside

Those limits that she sets and hides

Behind as if they were in stone….

She isn’t falling.

She’s not alone.

She’s beautiful

This much is true,

But her brown eyes should see it too.

Proud and bright, secure and true?

One day, her eyes will see it, too.

12 thoughts on “13

  1. Lovely tribute to your daughter.
    Your poem reminds me of most
    Teenagers! I can’t say all, but
    speaking from my memories your
    word ring true! Thank you!


  2. Thank YOU, Stevie, for reading the post and for understanding about those teens. They will drive you nuts, you know, lol. But I am blessed that they are smart, forgivinig, beautiful, witty and loving young women….in spite of me! Love and hugs!


  3. It’s only Thanks to you that I was able to overcome the rough stages of life.
    I live you so much mom!


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