Prayer for Sandy Hook Elementary – and a broken world

When I don’t know what else to do, I pray. Well, sometimes I wring my hands and cry and get angry…but then I pray. And I write about it to process the information and ask God for help. This is one of those times. The whole  nation is mourning the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and the true senselessness of it all. This is just the prayer of one person – my prayer. God bless each of you readers today and every day.

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

Dear God,

Yesterday, twenty children came to you in rapid succession. Others, too…taken suddenly in a Connecticut schoolhouse without any warning at all. What havoc one single individual hell-bent on destruction can wreck.

I know you did not “will” this. This has the signature of your enemy stamped all over it.

There is a growing movement taking place about intellectualism…how we humans are too smart to believe in the Supremes of Good and Evil. I personally know people who don’t believe in You at all and think believers are fools. They don’t believe that there is a devil, either, and that no “sin” at all exists – that people only just make “mistakes”.

“See THAT?” I want to scream in their faces today. “What happened in New England to those babies? That is what evil looks like!” But of course, illusion is one of your enemy’s greatest tricks. He desires that humans don’t believe in him at all. It makes his vile work seem innocuous.

Folks want to blame gun laws, mental health issues and just about everything else. These things may have played a part in this tragedy (only You really know), but nobody wants to blame the devil and his demonic influence…that would be considered positively medieval Meanwhile, we look for a root cause to such terror, while the witch leads the witch-hunt.

This world is a broken, broken place. To be honest, God, it seems too broken to support life at all. And too many times, it is the least of these who bear the brunt of the brokenness. I don’t understand why that is the case. From a human standpoint, we don’t understand. Horrible things happen to innocent people – even the most innocent.

Oh God, be with the families of those victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Surround them, infuse the, love them in a way that leaves no doubt that you are a God of compassion! As the Kindergarteners climb clamoring onto your lap today, comfort the ones whose laps are now empty. Erase the last earthly memories from the minds of those precious children and ease the torment in the minds of their families.

Father, help us! And forgive us for our in-house bickering over who lies at fault. Let it be obvious!

Let the prayers and love of a nation be the tiniest little consolation for those whose lives are devastated beyond measure. I cannot begin to fathom the hurt, but YOU have been a grieving parent, Lord. I know this breaks your heart in two.

Let our nation know what forces are truly behind all acts of terror. This was not a “mistake” Although it only takes one individual hell-bent on destruction to devastate a nation, there is still hope.

There is also One able to save an entire world.  Save us, God.

We are NOT too “smart” to ask for your help. We need you.

In Jesus name. –

Jana Greene

4 thoughts on “Prayer for Sandy Hook Elementary – and a broken world

  1. Thank you Dana for sharing your feelings! They are honest and true, evil does exist in this world. I am not sure this answers the whole question, your statement that only God knows for sure what was in the mind of this killer in Newtown is one that I agree with totally, we will never know the wole story.

    I chose not to immortalize the shooter but instead, to rememberthe slaughter of the innocent chidren, knowing as you say that they are in God’s arm. My prayrs is for the chidlren who witnessed this horrific scene, and for the families of those who died and the entire community of Newtown, and yes for every famiy in the US, and the world. This can’tbe allowed to keep happenig, and this is why I chose
    an immediate proative stance of notifyinng my Govenor, my congressmen and Senators and also the President of my sense that we need to stop this blame game and get to the root of the problem, which is gun possession. England does not have
    this problem because the is no NRA or guns allowed by common citizens.

    The world is a sadder plave today, and my prayer is that it not remain so.



  2. Hi, Steph. Thanks so much for reading the prayers. I’m not quite prepared to comment on the gun issue just yet. I am an NRA member and have very real concerns about taking the guns from the hands of citizenry who register legally and use to protect their family and property because criminals will ALWAYS have guns – they can and do obtain them from stealing or the black market. Stringent laws will not stop gun violence. If I thought that banning guns would 100% prevent the murder of ONE person, I would be completely on board. The situation is so much more complex than that. See? I said I wasn’t oing to address that issue yet, and I just did :/

    Whew! Okay, that being said, you and I totally agree about praying for the children who witnessed this vile act. And also, I am praying extra for the “First Responders” on the scene, and the police personnel, medical examiners, detectives and even the mourge workers who have had to see the carnage of children firsthand and will NEVER “unsee” those images. Can you imagine? Lord, be with them, too.

    God bless you, Steph. MANY long-distance hugs to you, my friend.


  3. I’ve been reading commentary from every preacher/pastor/theologian/psychologist/blogger/Tweeter/Facebooker I could find over the last couple days, just trying to reconcile my own heart and find a unifying comforting thought that matches mine. Thank you Jana! This is the one…. It is the most vulnerable and honest and searchful for God I’ve encountered. Thank you. I share your prayers!


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