Agape for Amateurs: a love letter from God

And that changed everything.

Musings of a Gypsy Soul

Only love to lose

Oh Dear Created One,
I am only Love….only ever good.
By avoiding me, you have only love to lose. And love is everything.
I am not angry with you. In Jesus, I gave myself to you, for you – redemption in one fail swoop.
When you have a misstep, I am saddened because you are hurting.I am with you in your hurting places.
When you deny me, curse me, hide from me – I am still with you in the hiding places. I am courting you all along.
Where there is love, I am.
In this fallen world, hope seems in deficit; do not put your hope in this world.
All the things you’ve been foolish for have torn you down, yet you are so afraid to be a “fool” for me?
Enough of the fallen. Enough of the foolish self-dependency. Walk with me – I long…

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