I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Evangelical

By: Jana Greene

I’m sorry I said your salvation depends on you. God has already got you covered.

I’m sorry I said you will go to Hell. The God I have come to know is not an eternal tormentor.

I’m sorry I said too many judgmental things to count. I don’t know your whole story.

I’m sorry I said gay people were in the wrong, we are ALL made in the image of The Great Creator, and I was regurgitating what had been taught to me.

I’m sorry I said other religions were bad. What an un-Christlike thing to have said.

I’m sorry I said the Republican Party is the party of “the Lord.” Make that double sorry since Trump became president.

I’m sorry that I didn’t accept you just as you are, when all the while, Jesus accepted me.

I’m sorry for all the times I used my religion to look down on / reprimand / patronize / make fun of any other person on this earth. That’s the exact opposite of how my Savior commanded me to be.

As for me and my faith, I will serve The Spirit of LOVE itself, Jesus, The Universal Christ.

And in all my dealings with others – especially those not like me – I will try my best to err on the side of love.

Always on the side of love. Lord, help me to do so.

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