God Winks Look Like Kindness

By: Jana Greene

I’m in a terrible mood.
Didn’t sleep last night.
Shoulder blown out.
Systemic pain off the charts.
Worried about many things.
The next two weeks is a constant treadmill of doctors visits and medical procedures.
But God…
But God keeps winking at me, in spite of it all.
My prayers have become less “God, show me you love me” to “God, increase my awareness that you love me, so I can love others.”
The checker at Trader Joe’s this morning could not have known that I’m having a rough time. It was the standard transaction, albeit friendly, as TJ is know for. But then he plopped this into my cart. I was dumbfounded.
“Just a little something to brighten your day,” he says. I can tell he is smiling even though he he is wearing a mask. His eyes are smiling.
The flowers are beautiful, and even my favorite color!
You see, God loves us with kind acts and nature.
I felt lighter leaving the store, and popped in a CD because Music is Life. And it was a long lost CD my daughter had made for us after her senior trip to NYC, which I chaperoned. Every song had memories attached to it.
Another God wink.
God, make me aware of your love, given in abundance. Every kindness perpetrated by others (whether they know it or not) is a message from our Source.
Every cell in every flower on every tree (or in every shopping cart) is filled with the blueprint of his love. He didn’t have to make them so beautiful, but he did.
He didn’t have to make himself flesh to jump into our pain and suffering so that we are never alone. But he does.
Papa God, increase our awareness.
Increase our capacity to show kindness.
Let us see you in the beauty of your creation, which is really impressive, by the way.
It’s good to know our moods don’t get in the way of his love for us.
Although my heart still has a remnant of heaviness for the people I love who are going through a difficult life season, my prayer is that God winks at them too.
Whatever you’re going through, I know how it feels to be convinced he is not in your corner, if he even exists at all. I get it!
But please know you are deeply loved.
And the fact that we – in all our messy, chaotic humanity – can be a part of that Vis-à-Vis loving one another?

14 thoughts on “God Winks Look Like Kindness

  1. Jana, your writing is always great, and this one is especially amazing and timely.

    I hope you won’t mind my reblogging it.

    Some time ago, at a time when I didn’t stop to consider my actions, I did something I hoped you would find helpful, but which in retrospect, I think must have been very hurtful. Often I have prayed you would forgive me. I expect you may still remember it. If you do, would you forgive me now?

    Anyway, praying for you.



    Ephesians 3:16-21


  2. I’m honored for the reblog! Thank you! I’m so sorry but I’m at a loss as to what you may be referring to? And please (FORGIVE ME, I’m terrible with names!) who is this? And no matter what, of course I forgive you! I just don’t quite what for?


  3. Jana, I haven’t been keeping up with anyone’s blogs for the longest time but am trying to get back on the horse. It’s so good to read your words and see that you’re still writing! You are just as inspirational as always. Much love to you. ❤️


  4. Karen!!! Oh my goodness, I am SO glad to see you! It’s been a minute. I’m writing, but not as often. This 2020/2021 business is nuts! Can’t wait to read you soon, if you are writing? Sending you TONS of love right back, my friend! ❤️


  5. Jana, at a time when you bravely gave us a photo of yourself, free of makeup and all adornments, when you were being very brave and open to your readers, I decided to “be helpful” (ahem!) and compose a “helpful” blogpost about keeping skin youthful looking. Although everything I wrote was true and all things my daughters and I had tested over a number of years, my timing was cruel and unkind. For some reason, you failed to appreciate the “help” I was offering. In my thoroughly uncomprehending blindness, I was surprised.
    Anyway, your writings are a great inspiration and encouragement to me. Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,



  6. To Gwennon: Thank you for your kind note. I got it. I appreciate it. Thank you for your loyal readership. I appreciate that too. And another thanks for being so transparent, which is always appreciated. And apologies for any insensitivity on my part! God bless you and yours. ❤️

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