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First Do No Harm

By:  Jana Greene

I’d written the post I’d set out to write for the blog, but hesitated to hit “publish”.

It was a pretty raw piece about addiction and motherhood; two things I have experience with that often end up awkward bedfellows in my writing.  Addiction and motherhood don’t belong in a single story, but long ago they had an affair, and the resulting lovechild was a story about my grieving choices I had made but reveling in the grace of Christ.

Still staring at the glow of the laptop screen.  Perhaps I shouldn’t put this ‘out there’, I thought, finger hovering over the enter button.

Some Christians will be offended.  They will judge me twice; once for being the person I was, and again for admitting to being that person.  They might think I am playing fast and loose with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a poor representation of a Christian.  I would never want to do that.

And – far more importantly – what about those who don’t know Jesus yet?

Still, I can’t shake the urgency to write about these things, to ‘put them out there’.  So I pray….

”God, first let me do no harm.”  A spiritual Hippocratic Oath of sorts –“ let me do no harm to Your name”.

Be the beggar, I feel Him saying.  Stop trying to “bake”…..

Sometimes, writing, I feel like a rebel deserter of my formerl self;  a New Creation counting on Christ to do the jousting because I am rusty from old war injuries.  A grateful and humble flawed veteran…not measuring up to what the world thinks a Christian should always be, but gratefully not of this world.

Old war stories sometimes need to be told, and telling half-truths distorts history.

I press the Enter button to Publish.  And revel in the grace of Christ.


6 thoughts on “First Do No Harm

  1. As a new Christian, I’ve discovered that I can’t please anyone but God. I rebelled against a calling to follow Christ for a long time because I was afraid I wasn’t going to be the kind of Christian that belonged in the “club”. I finally followed my heart and did it anyway. I love your writing and I love your messages. I love your old stories and your new stories. Thank you for having the courage to put it out there!


  2. How many more souls are touched when we show who we REALLY are, not who we APPEAR to be. Keeping it FAKE harms the gospel; but keeping it REAL never will. You are more than a conqueror, my friend!


  3. You know, I’ve heard that over and over again about being a perfect Christian because you don’t want people to think your are – gasp! – a flawed human being. Where did all that come from I wonder? How many people are kept away from G-d thinking they have to be perfect?


  4. I’m not sure where that comes from, bellesogni, but I’ll bet it originated from other Christians! People need to know that God loves us just the way we are NOW….flawed human beings! God bless you 🙂


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